Hair Extensions for Beginners: What You Need to Know Before Your First Set

Hair weave is a convenient approach to increase the length, thickness, and color of your hair without any irreversible modifications. Even though most people have an idea of what a hair extension is, navigating the world of k tip extensions is still difficult for a beginner. Nevertheless, educating oneself well provides an opportunity to attain the desired outcome in terms of hair while preserving the health of your natural hair. Let’s look at the considerations that you need to take into account ahead of your first hair extension session.

Types of Hair Extensions

However, before going deep into it, you need to know the various types of hair extensions present on the market. Typical choices range from clips-in, tape-in, sew-in or woven, and fusion or bonded extensions. Each type of extension has its benefits and drawbacks whether we are talking about installation, maintenance, and longevity. Shopping and talking with an expert stylist enable you to identify a hairstyle that is perfect for your hair type and lifestyle.

Hair Extension’s Built Quality

Most importantly, the use of durable and high-quality hair extensions is key to making the hairpiece look like real hair and fit in perfectly with the rest of the hair. Choosing extensions from natural hair might be a good option. Remy hair extensions that come from donated hair and are processed to preserve the hair’s cuticle order are amongst the top-notch. Although they may cost more to purchase, the natural appearance and longevity of the pieces can be maintained with regular care.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle and your biological rhythm should be carefully factored in when selecting hair extensions. If you are an active person or sports are a part of your life, you should choose extensions that are lightweight and secure, like a tape-in extension. However, if you are a person who likes trying different hairstyles, clip-in hair extensions may be your choice since it is universal and easy to apply and remove.

Maintenance and Care

The right maintenance is inevitable for the prolonging of your hair extensions’ lifespan and keeping them looking gorgeous. This entails the daily hair washing done with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, avoiding excessive heat styling, and brushing gently to prevent tangling. Also, keep any care instructions given by your stylist or the manufacturers of your extensions in mind as they are crucial during the use of your extensions.

Consultation with a Professional

Before switching to hair extensions, get in touch with a professional hairstylist who is an expert in this field. When you are at this appointment, you can go through your desired hairstyle, type of hair, and also maintenance regime so that the best type of extensions can be selected for you. A hair specialist can do a hair health assessment and suggest any treatment, if required, or change the settings of hair extensions in such a way that they will suit your natural hair perfectly.


Hair extensions can be a perfect change-maker for you to switch your outfit and enlarge your self-esteem. Through the exploration of various extension types, acquisition of high-quality products, matching the extensions to your lifestyle, and the right upkeep, you will be able to have natural-looking and stunning results with your first hair extension.



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