Green Commuting Revolution: Electric Longboards Leading the Way

In today’s world, you cannot ignore that fossil fuel has consumed our daily commute. The negative impacts of these commuting options on the environment are undeniable. The major impacts include noise pollution, carbon emissions, greenhouse gas emissions, etc. These are the major contributors to climate change and affecting the water cycle.

In short, traditional commuting contributes to an unsafe environment for the coming generations. This scenario puts a pressing need towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. A solution that positively contributes to the environment. The electric longboard is eco-friendly for short rural/urban commuting. Know more about this solution in this short article!

What is an Electric Longboard?

Electric longboard is another name for the electric skateboard. The only difference is that this board has a greater length than other skateboards. What makes this electric skateboard an electric gadget is a compilation of batteries, a motor, and a digital remote.

The working of the electric longboard depends on the working of these components. First, you need to start the function of the electric longboard directly through the remote. Doing so will make the battery supply the electric charge to the motor.

The motor, in the end, turns the wheels of the board with the help of a power transfer belt. This is how your electric longboard works. You can also use the remote to do so when it comes to slowing down or stopping. The braking pad present within the electric longboard assists in stopping operation.

What makes an electric skateboard perfect for Eco-Conscious riders?

Features are what play a great role in this regard. Get familiar with the features in the following section:

Above 50-degree Trucking

Trucking possesses great importance for the riders when it comes to electric skateboards. It is solely responsible for the sharp turning at ease. The bushings in the electric skateboard assist in this regard and keep the wheels together while trucking. It also facilitates offering unmatchable cushioning during trucking. It prevents you from falling and slipping while trucking the electric skateboard.

Water Resistant

Another compelling feature of an electric skateboard is its water resistance. You can ride with it after rain or on water roads without affecting the board’s performance and grip. Please note that it is not waterproof, meaning you cannot ride with it on icy surfaces or in water. This may affect the appearance and durability of the electric skateboard.

Reliable Wheels

You will get two pairs of replaceable wheels when you purchase the electric longboard. Each set offers two different sizes: one is 90 mm, and the other is 105 mm. The higher size means you can experience the ride on rougher terrain. While the 90 mm wheel size supports the standard riding experience. These wheels offer unmatchable grip on the road or the slopes. You cannot question the durability; you can enjoy a longer life with these wheels.


This electric longboard does not facilitate the day journey only; rather, it facilitates the night journey also. The main reason behind this is the headlights with extended reach. You can easily view the obstacles or hindrances on your way during the night and take steps accordingly.



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